Matt Golden


‘House of Nguyen’, 2012, Cherry, Walnut, White Ash Veneers


‘House of Nguyen’, 2012, Mahogany Veneer


‘Looking at a Scottish Lake, Dreaming of Mount Fuji’, 2008, Framed Found Photograph


‘Japan’, 2011, C-Type Print


‘Maverick (xiii)’, 2011, Found Picture Frames


‘Maverick (iv)’, 2010, Found Picture Frames


‘FIELD RECORDINGS, Kyoto (with Nanaho)’, 2013, Lamda Print on Fibre Paper


‘FIELD RECORDINGS, Kyoto (with Miho-san)’, 2013, Lamda Print on Fibre Paper


‘FIELD RECORDINGS, (Wonderland Magazine) Winter 2012’, 2013, Framed Magazine


‘FIELD RECORDINGS, (Wonderland Magazine) Spring 2013’, 2013, Framed Magazine


‘FIELD RECORDINGS, Bremen’, 2013, C-Type Print (Framed)

Matt Golden (b. 1974, Salisbury, UK, based in London, UK) gained his MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London, UK (2005). He was awarded The Vordemberg-Gildewart Scholarship in 2007 and is the current recipient of The Yoma Sasburg Award for Sculpture. Recent solo shows include: BISCHOFF/WEISS, London, UK (2011); Wohung Felix Rehfeld, Bremen, DE; Museum Wiesbaden, DE; Kyoto Art Walk, JP (All 2008). Recent group shows include: ‘Young British Art’, curated by Ryan Gander, Limoncello, London, UK (2011). In the development of his practice, an alter-ego, Juan Carlode, emerged. He has performed under this moniker on various occasions including ‘The New Bomonti Club’, in Bremen, DE. He is the founder and curator of The Russian Club, a gallery and studio space on Kingsland Road, London, UK.

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House of Nguyen’ - an exhibition by Matt Golden
11th July - 11th September 2012