Solo presentation by Sean Edwards

Installation View, LISTE 16, Basel, CH

Installation View, LISTE 16, Basel, CH

For the past two years Sean Edwards has been on a self-set residency in a semi-derelict, modernist shopping centre on the outskirst of a small suburban Welsh community where he grew up. Edwards' fimic, sculptural, photographic, drawing and painting work to arise from this residency at Maelfa, in Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, form a portrait poignantly capturing the failed aspirations and the final life of the near empty edifice which was once a bustling utility, and a pillar of utopian aspiration. Themes of urban remains and human failure run throughout much of Edwards work; more than that they form the palate from which he works. Though sensitive to the subjects of loss and waste, Edwards breathes in and back out the formalities of shapes, colours, depths and forms in the obects and situations he works with.

Reviews: Frieze, issue 140, May 2011 p. 211 and Art Monthly no.344, March 2011, pp.26-27
Emma Cocker, Frieze:
“The exhibition certainly extended Edwards’ interest in ways of seeing (sculpturally), where an acute form of observation emerges through a space or structure revealing what is beneath the surface by effectively sanding back the layers or by exposing a cross-section…
…Edwards’ interest in the poetics of space is less concerned with the sensibility or quality of poetic representation, as in exploring how something physical can be constructed, de-constructed, re-constructed.”

Work from the Maelfa project was first shown in a solo exhibition at Spike Island, Bristol, UK and has been additionally funded by Safle, through the Arts Council of Wales, and The Elephant Trust. The accompanying publication ‘Maelfa’ (2010, ISBN 978-1-907414-09-1) is available from the Bedford Press for £12.