1st November 2013 – 1st June 2014

  • Yonatan Vinitsky in residence at The Pavillion Neuflize OBC, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR

1st March – 17th May 2014

  • Vanessa Billy in group exhibition, ‘STONE’, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK (as part of AV Festival 14: Extraction)

10th March – 3rd May 2014

  • Kate Owens in ‘Psycho’, Hadrian, Frutta, Rome, IT (curated by Gundam Air)

12th March – 27th April 2014

  • Lucy Clout in group exhibition, ‘What Will They See Of Me?’, Jerwood Space, London, UK

3rd April – 31st May 2014

  • Jesse Wine in solo exhibition, ‘Chester Man’, Mary Mary, Glasgow, UK

3rd April – 21st May 2014

  • Lucy Clout group exhibition, ‘What Will They See Of Me?’, CCA, Glasgow, UK

4th April – 31st May 2014

  • Santo Tolone in group exhibition, ‘TO MEGGY WEISS LO SURDO HAPPY HOURS’, CO2, Turin, IT (curated by Marianna Vecellio)

13th April – 1st June 2014

  • Kate Owens and Jesse Wine in group exhibition, ‘Hey, I'm Mr Poetic’, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK

17th April – 19th July 2014

  • Jesse Wine in solo exhibition, ‘You Can't Beat Nature’, at Uprisings, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK

25th April – 17th May 2014

  • Kate Owens in group exhibition, ‘Detours: After Detournment’, ENCLAVE, London, UK (curated by Ross Downes)

29th April 2014

  • Cornelia Baltes in conversation with Sean Penlington, PaintUnion, Griffin Gallery, London, UK

10th May 2014

  • Jesse Wine in conversation with Kathy Noble, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London, UK (as part of Saturday Live)

1st June – 5th October 2014

  • Vanessa Billy in Sculpture Triennale, Bex & Arts, Parc de Szilassy, Bex, CH

13th – 28th June 2014

  • Alice Browne in group exhibition, ‘Informal Elements’, OVADA, Oxford, UK

3rd July – 21st September 2014

7th November 2014 – 1st March 2015

  • Sean Edwards in solo exhibition, ‘Drawn in Cursive’, MOSTYN, Llandudno, UK