The Hex: A Retrospective

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Open Monday 14 July 2008, 4 – 9pm, with drinks at 7pm

The twelve solo exhibitions at The Hex, from November 2006 until today, have taken place within the confines of Jason Dungan & Maria Zahle’s ex-council estate flat. The Hex shows are negotiations between the space, the artist, and Dungan & Zahle (the founders and curators of The Hex). Large, heavy works can’t always be carried up the four flights of stairs, the flat’s bookshelves are often lost for use as plinths and walls are usually crammed with art. “It’s simultaneously pleasant and difficult."

‘The Hex: A Retrospective’ is the first project outside of the space, apart from a “disastrous mini-exhibition in a hair salon on Mare Street." It is a group show including all of the invited artists from the twelve exhibitions: Vanessa Billy, Bradford Bailey, Jason Dungan, Mark Epstein, Andy Holden, Anne Low, Edward Peake, Sam Porritt, Guy Rusha, Tillman Terbuyken, Charlotte Thrane, and Maria Zahle. Elements from the flat have been imported, but the space has not been recreated. For Limoncello, the artists have all made new works that maintain a relationship to the original shows.

Conceived by artists Jason Dungan (B.1978, Houston, USA) and Maria Zahle (B. 1979, Copenhagen, Denmark), The Hex has run out of an ex-council flat in the Pembury Estate, London, since 2006. The programme has consisted of a series of projects by London-based and international artists.

The Hex A Retrospective
‘The Hex: A Retrospective’, installation view

The Hex: A Retrospective
Sam Porritt: ‘Table top leaning against the wall with images of how the work was installed’, 2007, Concrete, Glass, Perspex, MDF, Tape, Foam, Inkjet Prints