Limoncello Editions Launch Night

Limoncello Editions

Opening Thursday 25 November 2010, 7 – 9pm

Vanessa Billy ‘Man Moves
“The ‘meaning’? Really? An oversimplified view, to match the oversimplifiction of the image, is that it places man in relation to his surroundings, determined into the three categories of Air, Land, and Sea. Man’s territory is everywhere.”

Sean Edwards ‘I saw something else:
“In 1974 Jon Landau, contributing writer to Rolling Stone magazine, proclaimed “I saw my rock'n'roll past flash before my eyes. I saw something else: I saw rock and roll's future and its name is Bruce Springsteen.” Columbia records hijacked the line to build a campaign that capitalised on the rumours of the arrival of a saviour of rock and roll in the shape of this young musician from Aysbury Park, New Jersey. What’s interesting is the idea of a proclamation. An expectation heaped upon something; the distillation of an idea, succinct and accurate. Pre-design and prediction. The present using the past to predict the future and then being used in making it so. It’s also a bloody nice line that looks great on the page. No wonder Columbia used it .”

Jack Strange ‘Fingers Crossed
“Some people cross their fingers to nullify promises or to wish for good luck.”

The Hut Project ‘Gecko Tape
“OK, but no dangly bits”
“We’ve no intention for balls to be present. Maybe we’ll wear cod pieces? Yves Klein’s production of the event and the document were a starting point, and recently we’ve become interested in ourselves – or rather us becoming tools we can use to discuss the relationship between performativity and the object. The ceiling prints will nod to Klein’s ‘ Obsession with Levitation ’ and perform through their being suggestive of a performative moment (three men with their arses painted blue on a step ladder...). The title is a product that is in the process of sceintific invention. It will be the strongest tape in the world, able to dangle a human from the ceiling by a tiny piece on a glove.”

Vanessa Billy (B. 1978, Geneva, Switzerland, based Zurich and London) gained her BA Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art (2001). Recent solo exhibitions include Limoncello, London (2010); The Photographer's Gallery, London and BolteLang, Zurich (both 2009) as well as international group shows. Billy's Cahier d'artistes monograph was published by Pro Helvetia earlier this year.

Sean Edwards (B. 1980, Cardiff, based Abergavenny) gained his BA Fine Art at University of Wales Institute (2003) and his MA Fine Art from Slade (2005). Recent and forthcoming solo shows include Spike Island, Bristol (2011); Outpost, Norwich (2010); Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin (2009); ICA, London; Super, Paris; Limoncello, London; and MOOT, Nottingham (all 2008); and Associates, London (2007).

Jack Strange (B. 1984, Brighton, based London) gained his BA Fine Art at Slade School of Art (2007). Strange’s recent and forthcoming solo shows include Arthouse Austin, Texas (2011); Limoncello, London (2010); Galerie Maribel Lopez, Berlin (2009); Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York (2008); and MOOT, Nottingham (2007).

Chris Bird, B. 1971, Birmingham; Ian Evans, B. 1982, Glasgow; Alec Steadman, B. 1983, Sidcup, and all based London, UK . The Hut Project is an artist collective formed in 2005. Evans and Steadman completed their BAs in Sonic Art and Fine Art respectively in 2005, while Bird graduated BA Fine Art in 2006, all at Middlesex University, London. The Hut Project are currently in residence at Art House Foundation, London. Recent shows include Norma Mangione Gallery, Turin (curated by Adam Carr), BolteLang, Zurich, and ‘Nought to Sixty’ at ICA, London.

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