Museums and Galleries to Visit in 2018


Chatsworth House


Fantastic grand house located in a beautiful gorgeous landscape which was designed by capability Brown. This is quite possibly one of the most beautiful man-made landscapes in the world, the sculpture exists exhibitions are fantastic, you can view the beautiful gardens of Chatsworth house, or visit the actual house itself. View the sumptuous rooms in displays of fine art expensive paintings in beautiful antiques all the while surrounded by guides who move from room to room to assist the interested and also do specific guided tours with explanations of all the exhibits and rooms.

For the children there is also a fantastic adventure playground Chatsworth and a beautiful farm, a working farm where children can watch how farms make produce on a day-to-day basis. The adventure playground is paid for adults and children is that you can literally spend a full day in their as an adult watching your kids have a great time brilliant.



Arnel Feeney and Spike Island


This is located in the heart of Bristol’s Harbourside. Arnold Feeney is a fantastic leading European centre for the contemporary arts that offers superb exhibitions performance arts film dance literature music and even talks and events. The nearby Spike Island is a hub for the production and presentation and debate around the art and design niche, and hosting galleries schools for art and even workshops and art studios.


Museums and collections – University College in London

uni college london

UCL museum has a variety of museums and galleries that are very much worth viewing. The Grant Museum of zoology is ramp packed with oddities including the Tasmanian Tiger and loads of different specimens that are actually preserved in fluid. Visitors visitors can find out more and even join the debate by using the iPads that are located within the actual museum at various places around the displays.


The London Transport Museum

london transport museum

This is a firm favourite among actual children and big kids and adults alike as well as transport nerds. The London transport Museum is recently over, huge overhaul during the past 10 years, it not only documents London’s chequered transport history, it looks at the potential future of the transport industry in London which is ever evolving debate as the city and its varied residents grow in number so fast.


The British library

This is far more than a fantastic building and heralded academic resource. The British library holds very well curated exhibitions regularly that are actually based around its recollections of books Kerouac’s on the road manuscript is the one is currently on display there but next display coming soon is Mulhall India which documents the three centuries among home rule in India.


Scottish National Gallery National portrait Gallery

This gallery is located in a fantastic neoclassical building that is located below Edinburgh Castle. Many people consider the National Gallery of Scotland is the second best small museum in the world after the Frick Museum. These two famous museums that are located in Edinburgh are actually now linked underground and they showcase the finest of Scotland’s exhibitions and art pieces. Every January the Scottish National Gallery has a huge display on its fantastic Turner collection.