Top new museums and galleries in 2018

 Leeds Art Gallery

A superb collections showing the best 20th-century British art available. You can have a cup of tea in the spectacular Hall and go from there and view the sculpture galleries, carry on the investigation at the Henry Moore Institute which is located next door. The cafe is fantastic and another bonus is that the museum is actually free.


Manchester Museum

One comment by a recent visitor was this museum has taken a quirky approach. It has natural history galleries that are full of very traditional looking stuffed animal exhibits, and these exhibits have been given a very creative new dimension in lease of life. The ancient world galleries that were soon to open could well bring more exciting and engaging exhibits to the visitors.


Bede’s world

This museum exhibits the life and work of the seventh century monk who went by the name of Venerable Bede. This may not sound that thrilling proposition but the Bede’s world Museum that is located in Jarrow gives a very interesting insight into this scientists fake historians very much cosmopolitan life lifestyle. There is a recreated Anglo-Saxon community that has been built in the grounds and it makes his achievements this seem even more remarkable.


The Walker Art Gallery

This gallery displays a superb Victorian collection of paintings, sculpture and also decorative and designer art, which goes back to the 13th century. Along with this 13th century art is 21st century British art. This truly is one of Liverpool’s best free museums, free yes we said it. Children who visit will love the dedicated gallery and also walking along the fantastic activity trails, there is also the John Moores painting prize biannual that you can go on view as well.

The living museum of the North – Beamish

london transport museum

This is by far the best and biggest open-air museum in the country some visitors of said. Beamish preserves traditional and ordinary life as it actually was in 1913, this includes trains horse-drawn buses trams are mine vintage school and even a working farm. Yes that’s right, a working farm dated from 1913!. There is even a reconstructed dental surgery located in the high Street. Certainly one not to miss


The National Football Museum.

This museum has recently opened in the fin -shaped service building located in Manchester. This new museum has to be displaying one of the best collection of footballing memorabilia available in the world. It has very thought-provoking displays that cater to all knowledge levels as well as that there is some fantastic film artworks and a wide range of interactive features and exhibits the kids and adults alike. There is even the chance to take penalty shots at the historic goalposts of Wembley Stadium.